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Like our amazing track record of bringing web designs and logos to life, our creative team hosts talented and amazing writers who can articulate coherent, and gripping plotlines to carry your book forward. Specializing in multiple genres, our track record has many successful publications to show off. Digiservices 365 works have gained literary renown for their quality and books on professional writing.

Ghost Writing Services

  • — Research and Outline.
  • — Review, Edit, and Proofread.
  • — Format, Typeset, and Design.
  • — Publish, Brand, and Market.
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Get Your Manuscript Published Across All Platforms Now!

Publish Your Masterpiece on all platforms through Digital Services 365. We deal in Amazon Kindle Publishing, Barnes and Nobles Publishing as well as others. We will take care of your book and make sure it gets the fame and recognition it deserves.

  • — Cover Designing & Typesetting
  • — Web Design & Internet SEO
  • — Video Book Trailers
  • — Audiobooks
  • — E-Book Publication
  • — Branding & Publicity

Dok Writers is your ultimate resource to hire a professional writers

We seek to understand your idea and requirements and devise a plot scheme after thorough research. We keep on editing the draft in tandem with the writing progress. Once the written part is complete, our editors peruse the whole draft multiple times for a critical review, proofreading, and corrections.

As soon as the manuscript is written, edited and proofread, and approved by the client, we format it extensively, adding fonts and graphical details and also design the front and back covers. After the final manuscript has been approved for publishing, we publish the eBook in your desired format and execute a custom marketing and promotional strategy.



We deliver unparalleled quality at amazing discounted rates.

Authentic Research

Authentic Research

You keep 100% of your earnings from your book. We do not charge.

Secure Ownership

Secure Ownership

We use one success metric – ROI. We track conversions so you know how Victorious is creating value.

Check Out Our Book Writing Services

We are book writers for hire, here to put your best ideas, or your life stories to ink. Get your book written by best-seller worthy authors.

Book Cover Design


  • Enjoy the benefits of working with a world-class firm at an affordable cost. Our talented ghostwriters are at your service with amazing discounts in ghostwriting pricing plans.
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Book Publishing


  • We offer a wide range of services for writers, authors and researchers, such as editing, copyediting, designing, and publishing.
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Custom Book Illustration


  • Our team of experienced in-house artists will work with you to produce a striking custom illustrations that will help your book stand out.
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Copyrights Certificate


  • Become a certified published author and gain your well-deserved position among the best authors in the world.
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Author Website


  • The Internet is the fastest-growing marketplace for books, and online book sales are poised to surpass sales through traditional retail outlets.
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Book Marketing


  • Our Digital Marketing Service uses a unique combination of services to introduce your book to potential online readers globally.
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Premium Book Video


  • Similar to a movie trailer advertising a film, this creative book preview grabs the attention of readers and builds your book’s awareness.
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Professional Audio Book


  • Over the years, the demand for audiobooks has significantly increased because readers are now able to easily download books and listen to them while they are on the move.
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No matter what we are up to the task.

Digital Services 365 Writers are Highly Professional and Dedicated Ghostwriters.

We pride ourselves in excellence of service and quality of content delivered. Our writers can ghost write all kinds of stuff for their clients. From research papers, assignments, and essays to autobiographies, mystery novels, and children’s books. So what are you waiting for? Hire a Writer for A Book!

Constant Client Coordination

Constant Client Coordination

Supreme Customer Satisfaction

Supreme Customer Satisfaction

100% Ownership Rights

100% Ownership Rights

Secure Money Back Guarantee

Secure Money Back Guarantee

Industry Proven Professionals

Industry Proven Professionals

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I have had many web designs over the years for my fishing business but Ryan and Dan done the job perfect. Their cost beat all the rest and their professionalism was outstanding would definitely recommend. Many Thanks.

Gary Malloy

We have been working with Digi Services 365 on and off for several months now and have always found them helpful and easy to deal with. Good value as well as efficient and keeping to deadlines. Thanks Digi Services 365 for all your help!

John Hayes

Fantastic from beginning to end. Can't believe how good my new website looks now! So happy with the end product. If I could give 6 stars I would of. One very happy and satisfied customer. Can't thank you enough Digi Services 365.

Louis Vanderbeck

Thanks so much for your timeliness and professionalism. My organization logo is awesome! You do good work!


Best experience working with Digi Services 365. The turnaround for my logo concepts was fast and I was offered multiple logo concepts each time. they asked for feedback on the concepts and zeroed in on what I wanted. I am happy with the final product! It was exactly what I was looking for! I recommend Digi Services 365 for your project.


The name says it all Digi Services 365! I have worked with many graphic designers over the past 3-5 years but working with Digi Services 365 was by far the best experience that I have had in this industry. They did an amazing job getting exactly what we wanted for our logo! Their turnaround time is quick and thorough. I will be back for future work

Ryan Maclachlan

I wanted to update an identity that appealed to a wide range of people and kept our artisan nature. Digi Services 365 nailed it for me and we're now in the process of developing the identity across a packaging range and support material. At the same time they are helping me get my head around e-commerce. I appreciate the benefits but not how it all works and how to implement it. 100% Recommended.

Phill Joe

I have used Digi Services 365 for various projects. I've found them to be a proactive asset to my business with a superb can-do attitude to the short deadlines we work to. The standard of Digi Services 365’s creative work is excellent. They are more than willing to see projects from concept to completion. They have even been on site for installation projects to manage and oversea the final product.

Flint Pollard

Working with Digi Services 365 has been our best decision all year. As a growing business, we need someone to handle design. We first did one branding project with Digi Services 365, then another, and another. Soon after we had his agency work on a couple of things, and now have him on our payroll. Best decision ever. They make our brand beautiful. Pure and simple

Eric Waldhorn

Digi Services 365 was just an absolute pleasure to work with. I had a lot of doubts about outsourcing my Mobile App Project but I'm so glad I found them. The entire team is friendly, very knowledgeable, diligent and very easy to communicate. I live in the UK but we had no issues with the time difference, they made sure to work around my schedule. They genuinely go the extra mile to provide quality work. I would absolutely recommend them. Thanks guys!

Peter Bartlett

It starts with the best customer centric philosophy - you can't create great software without first understanding the customers business need, budget, and time limitations. Digi Services 365 has filled out their ranks with developers, designers, project managers, client coordinators, and supervisors who are not only true, passionate nerds who love tech but also who really care about delivering business results. I'm proud to say I've worked with Digi Services 365 for 6+ Months, starting just one conceptual mobile project and moving upwards towards creating game-changing Mobile App for clients all across the US. Highly recommended team!

Nick Geoff

Digi Services 365 has helped me on my latest project, which was unique idea built to our needs. At all times I found them professional, and their understanding of our product was amazing considering what I thought was a difficult and specialized project. Would recommend them.

Suzanne Jacob

Digi Services 365 has been wonderful in content services as like in designs. They did an amazing job by editing my book. They are very creative and very pleased with the quality of the service delivered in a quick timely manner and very accommodating of reviews and changes. Thank you, would sincerely recommend your services to anyone that needs any copy writing

Candice Ziller

I am a creative writer too but due to lack of time, I had to order my book. I was conscious in the beginning whether this company Digi Services 365 would be able to stand on my expectations or not. But the moment I got my first draft I has truly impressed with their level of work and flawlessness. They have made my idea shine with creativity and a superior writing style.

Gabriel Gomez

Digi Services 365 is a great place to get your book written with a designed cover. They have experienced writers and designers on board who actually walk extra miles to fulfill your expectations. I have worked with them and got truly impressed.

Lambert Wade

The Digi Services 365 animation team was very easy to work with and responsive. They went out of his way to ensure I got the video completed in time for an important meeting and did a wonderful job conveying the changes I requested to the art team all along the way!

Bella Green

I was fortunate enough to find Digi Services 365 by responding to an email I received. After they successfully completed the first two (2) videos I was so happy with their work. I did 9 more videos for a total of 11. I'm already planning my next 12 projects. These guys are amazing with Mark at the helm. They will have me as a client for as long as they offer the service.

David Agusta

Digi Services 365 did impress me by their professionalism, competency and responsiveness. They listened to my needs and took all my comments immediately into consideration. These days I'm almost used to bad client Service but Digi Services 365 (I dealt with Mark) really made me feel like "Client is King"! I can only recommend Digi Services 365 and I#m grateful for this experience - well done!!

Robert Dobay

I hired Digi Services 365 to brand my business then later on also hired them to do SEO for my new business and they did a great job. All people at this office is professional. They know what they do and always fair in pricing and processes. Best of Luck.

Kyle Ernest

I gained some insight into the practices of our industry's foremost link development consultants. I was able to see for myself that the SEO guys at Digi Services 365 are for real and they've done a good job of consolidating theory with evidence and thereupon manifesting best practices for link development.

Valentine M

Working with Digi Services 365 SEO Services team was a pleasure. They listened to our ideas and worked hard to incorporate our ideas into the web site design for us. Their Google Search Optimization / Marketing services are already working and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Digi Services 365 Design and SEO Services.

Kyle Willburn


Our team follows a diligent work ethic where we take all the information we can get about your idea to devise the perfect plot scheme, intrigue, mystery, twist, and climax. Our sales rep first discusses with the clients their ideas, and general plot summary. Then our writers prepare a story outline for you to approve. Then the work starts and each chapter gets sent for review so that the client can share their feedback and perfect the following chapters.

Upon delivery and payment, all rights of the book are transferred to the client.

To publish a book on online platforms, you need to format, design, and typeset your manuscript to an online publishable format. All books must be proofread and checked before submitting though.

Yes, given time. Our team of writers thoroughly research topics to deliver factually correct content. We can handle all sorts of tasks, ranging from assignments, papers, articles, and books.

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