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We are truly in the digital age. The 21st Century has brought man closer to each other through the virtual world. Our ways of life are now set deep within this digital frontier, each and every aspect of society is steeped deep within the internet of things. Industry, Commerce, and Business, all are run on the internet. It is a vital part of our infrastructure. That’s why websites serve as your “Virtual Fortress” in this digital world. Your alexa website value is the face of the company, widely seen by the public. This platform gives people a chance to see what your company can do for them. That is why building your own custom website worth traffic is a major part of running your business.

Without this asset, you can say goodbye to success and profit because online websites and social media pages draw in customers. With all that said, it is important to realize how much a difference the right website can make. So today, we’ll be going through some of the best website value tools used in the industry to evaluate your website performance and appraise the cost of your website in case you are tempted to sell it.

You may be wondering why people would buy websites when you can make a new one, but the domain name of the website is worth it’s metaphorical weight in gold to the right company.

Top Website Value Tools to Check Your Worth in 2022!

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Here are some tools that can help expedite the transaction of your website. These online tools can calculate website price and determine its monetary worth depending on your website’s performance, age, the companies involved and other similar factors.

You Cannot Go Wrong with GoDaddy!


Website Value GoDaddy is an American company website hosting company that allows public trading and registration of website worth & domain value calculator all over the world. It stands to reason that such a titan of the industry would also include domain value appraisals in their scope of work.
GoDaddy is one of the best tools used for website appraisals. Its accuracy and precision of results and analysis make it a go-to-value tool for many in this digital industry. It operates by running your website name in their database to see how many similar names have been registered. It checks certain keywords to see how many websites sold have this combination of keywords. Taking into account all of this data, it estimates an exact value for your website. Then it provides a detailed report as well that reveals the reasoning behind the estimation process. Their attention to detail helps people evaluate potential new owners of your website. But the one thing GoDaddy does not account for is the website performance based on transactions made through this portal and traffic generated by visitors.

Google Is Everywhere! Use AdSense


In the modern digital era, Google dominates the tech world. Google’s network has seen prolific growth. Google’s special program called Google AdSense is used to publish targeted adverts to users of their browsers. As a website value tool, AdSense holds a lot of sway because of its ability to evaluate website performance. If anyone wishes to sell their website, monitor web site performance and traffic, you cannot go wrong with Google AdSense.
Google AdSense holds the key to determining your website’s worth. The results taken from AdSense reports can help people make an informed decision for the sale of their domain name and website. Another way people can drive up their website price is by using Search-Engine-Optimization to incorporate highly relevant keywords that draw in a large search volume. With the traffic generated boosting the web performance, you can now sell your websites for a higher amount than initially estimated. This is one of the best ways to increase the market value of your domain name and get a higher estimated net profit in your transaction.

Use Value My Web to Evaluate your Web!

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Although there are many viable options used for website evaluations, many of them may or may not be stuck behind pay walls. That is where Value My Web comes in. It is a free online Website Value tool that has a great reputation for returning accurate results for website value estimation. Like the famous saying, “Nothing beats free!” Value My Web adapts an innovative style in their estimation process. Through the use of social media, search engine optimization, keywords, traffic generated, and other information it has proved itself to be on par with the industry dominators.
Value My Web goes through tons of data before finally settling on a value to assign to your domain.

What the Glurk! Glurk.Com


Another name to add on the list of free Website Value tools, has a superb reputation for providing accurate estimates of website worth. It works by letting users input their own data based on monthly revenue, age, performance of websites then putting all of it into a blender to give you a smoothie which turns out to be a pretty good determination of your website’s appraised value. One of the most defining attributes of is its incorporation of domain name length, phonetic pronunciation, income sources, stuff like that as factors in their estimation process. So you can safely use for all your website valuation purposes.

Bring Cubestat in the Room, Stat!

Cubestat is a free tool for calculating, estimating, and gathering information about websites. It can website value calculator the current domain’s valuation, daily pageviews, and daily ad income. Cubestat, like others, is a website value evaluation tool that informs you how much your website is worth in the market. Cubestat examines all information pertaining to your website, as well as daily page visits and ad income earned. This data allows you to observe how your website is performing in the market, allowing you to either change your approach or sell your website for the same price.


A lot of money can be made in the buying and selling of websites. There are certain tips that people must be aware of before selling websites. As well as some real cases that are paradigms of the importance of websites and domain names.

Domain Battles!

A lot of cases have emerged over the years of companies and individuals fighting over domain names. People have bought domains of certain websites that use names that are similar to the names of multinational corporations. Then people engage in disputes over the rights to that domain name. These long drawn out domain battles can result in a multi million dollar buyout in the right hands. Some of these well documented cases are like the case of Nissan!

Nissan vs Nissan

Since the 1980s, Uzi Nissan, the proprietor of, has been battling the automaker. He’s utilized his last name in practically every business he’s created since immigrating to the United States. While he’d previously worked with an automaker’s legal team, nothing could have prepared him for the $10 million lawsuit he was hit with after registering the domain name in 1999. Mr. Nissan won a final order from the district court in December 2002 to maintain his domain and has been fighting a never-ending appeals process ever since. Despite the fact that he has won every appeal since 2002, the auto business is still seeking to utilize a trademark registration loophole to gain control of the domain. So the lesson to learn here is that before establishing your business, it is important to venture out and see if the name you decided on has the available network of domain names available or not.

Transaction Tips and Tricks

There are a few things you need to be made aware of before selling your website!

  • If your website is popular on social media and continues to expand in its readership by drawing in tons of readers, it will almost certainly sell for a premium price. Many would pay top dollar for that sort of traffic therefore one must always, after examining all aspects of your website, determine the cost.
  • Do not put your website for sale before optimizing it. You must first ensure that your website is optimized so it draws in a lot of traffic and ultimately boosts your performance. Only after doing all that can you drive up your price to ensure maximum profit.
  • Choose the right platform! It can make a lot of difference. Certain websites like the ones mentioned above have a list of websites that are up for sale. On that portal, buyers and sellers can share a common platform to observe the website and decide on a price to complete their transaction.

Following all of these tips and tricks will make sure that your website is sold to the people who need it and are willing to pay a lot of money for it.


Use all of this information to guide your decision making process of selling your website. To learn more about website valuation tools and performance evaluators, click here to visit our website.

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Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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