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As one year ends, we look forward to what comes next. In this blog, we will be looking at what the previous year has done, and what that means for the future, especially in terms of logo design. The top 11 modern logo design trends of 2022 are poised to be something unique, boasting a resurgence of styles from days past as well as new and innovative designs that break the norm and create something more.

We have looked at the data, and even asked some of our talented artists to present what they had to do the most for the previous year, and it seems the year of 2022 is set to dominate with 11 modern logo design trends that set a new precedent for aesthetics.

The Most Popular Modern Logo Design Trends of 2022

Here is what the top 11 logo design trends are:

  1. Rubber Hose Retro Logos
  2. Blurry Logos and Blurry Styles
  3. Stretched Logos and Continuous Lettering
  4. Over-the-top Style and Bling
  5. Scribbles and Sketches-type Logos
  6. Experimental Logos and Line Thickness
  7. Experimental Logos with Usage of White Space
  8. Old Groovy Style and Hip Hop Revival
  9. Layered Logos
  10. Typography-focused Logo Design
  11. Grunge and Primitive-style Logos


  1. Rubber Hose Retro Logos

Most of the retro animation of the 1920s and pre 1970s cartoons feature characters with arms and legs that don’t seem to have any joints whatsoever, almost as if they were rubber hoses. The Retro Logo style is often called the rubber hose style of logos, which is gaining a resurgence this year with it being one of the most popular modern logo design trend of 2022.

Feeling Nostalgic with Retro Brand Logos

One of the most advantageous aspects of the retro rubber hose style is that it allows for characters to have more personality, and that it also allows for easier animation. Moreover, having a mascot on the logo can quickly get difficult, and easily drawn animations are the way to go, giving the best of both aesthetic and brand personality to a logo.

The retro look can be even redesigned to look modern with a rubber hose style. As most characters in this style are either not human, or tend to be less realistic, conveying emotions and fun and wholesomeness to the audience can become far easier.

  1. Blurry Logos and Logo Styles

You might think of this trend as one of the more peculiar ones, simply because creating a blurry logo defeats the purpose of one. After all, a logo should be precise, provide maximum clarity, and leave little in the ways of imagination by bringing the company’s practices to an onlooker.

However, modern branding design trend dictates that a different kind of blurry style is applied, in that blurriness is added as a stylistic method to improve upon the aesthetic of a logo, or to convey a specific brand identity, rather than make the logo blurry as a whole.

Clear Visions – Blurry Logos

Blur the edges of letters, a side of the logo, a half, a quarter; all depends on the logo itself and your artistic and stylistic viewpoint. It can even convey movement and motion depending on how it’s used.

  1. Stretched Logos and Continuous Lettering

Another 2022 logo design trend that distorts logos for artistic purposes are stretched logos and continuous lettering. These designs don’t focus on having a boundary or relying on dimensions to keep the logo symmetrical. Instead, they play with the entire canvas to create something uniquely chaotic, one that could make for an excellent logo, as the trend has shown.

Logos can even contain a single distorted letter or area of the logo. Similar to the blurry style, it can add to the brand personality, and convey an emotion to the audience.

  1. Over-the-top Style and Bling

The 2000s and early 80s and 90s had some of the most bombastic names and logos designed to catch the viewer’s attention with colorful color palettes, busy designs, and over-the-top bling in branding trends. Just like the retro style, it is coming back in full swing in 2022, a style that was dubbed as McBling back in 2006!

This style embraces the exaggerated aesthetic of 2000s stylization, and is an overload of contrasts, neon colors, and funky fonts.

  1. Scribbles and Sketches-type Logos

Conveying professionalism might be necessary for big brands, but brand identity and personality is something else. Scribbled logos with the letterings being child-like, and even sketched out designs are taking the modern logo design trends of 2022 by storm.

These styles aren’t just simple, but are designed to be ‘raw’ and untainted by external forces that brands often tend to be. It conveys fun in a unique way, a childlike curiosity that no amount of professionalism can bring, and it is here to stay this year!

  1. Experimental Logos and Line Thickness

The concept is simple. Take the lines in the letters, in the sketches, and in the design, and experiment with their thickness to create something unique. It is an almost trivial change, but its effects are significant, conveyed best through their results, and the fact that they are among 2022’s most popular logo designs.

Something as simple as giving one line of a letter a different thickness, or even conveying versatility through varied line thickness can be a great little thing to consider for brands when presenting their brand image to the world.

  1. Experimental Logos with Usage of White Space

What is white space? It is the space left blank on a page, or in this case, a logo. So, you might think, that filling it with something is necessary, right?

Well, this modern design trend does not seem to think so. Now, designers are using negative spaces to add to their creativity, and create unique, asymmetrical logo designs that balance composition and clutter in a way that no amount of symmetrical alignment can bring.

The blank could be anything, quite literally. It could represent openness, space for new ideas, space to grow, the idea that not everything has to be used to its full effect. There are simply too many possibilities, and this trend might just go on for a few more years!

  1. Old Groovy Style and Hip Hop Revival

They have already been mentioned several times here in this blog, but the 70s are a decade that many designers draw their inspiration from, and the groovy American style is one that they favor greatly.

This year, is no different, and once again, the groovy, hip-hop trend has taken off this year, bringing an elegance that feels smooth transitioning from simplicity to a higher class, while seeming accessible for all.

  1. Layered Logos

Geometry does not have to be limiting, and one logo does not only need one design. Now, the classic style of amalgamation in design is being done with a different spin on it by using layered logos. Sometimes text interrupt images, and sometimes it is the other way around. Whatever the case may be, designers use multiple 3D logo design layers to tell one story through multiple agents, incorporating a myriad of elements to create something truly magnificent.

  1. Typography-focused Logo Design

Fancy letters, fancy brand. Simple letters, simple brand. A typographic or wordmark logo is simple in concept, and simpler in execution, yet almost profound in its effect. It gives an emblem to the logo design a harmonious blend, and makes for some truly aesthetic logos.

  1. Grunge and Primitive-style Logos

Classic grunge took off with Nirvana, and that feeling is coming to 2022 with this logo design trend. Just about every style of yesteryear is being given homage by designers, bringing aesthetics in the spotlight that give a, lo-fi, DIY (Do It Yourself) feel.


It looks like 2022 is set to be quite an interesting year, with an assortment of modern logo design trends to look forward to.

If you really like a kind of design, feel free to contact us, and give your own made! Yes, we do make the logos we mentioned here, and with no less panache to bring the style and story to your very own logo design!

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Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
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