Motion GraphicsHow to Use Motion Graphics Templates in After Effects?

Before we get to how we use the motion graphics templates that Adobe After Effects offers, we have to take a look at what they are and how we get to them in the first place.

How Can I Open Motion Graphics Templates?

Motion graphics templates are recognized with the .MOGRT format in Adobe After Effects. They are designed to be used with the Adobe Premiere Pro Graphics Suite. That means even though you design the Motion graphics templates in After Effects, you cannot open it or use it in that program. This alone can create confusion as to what one needs to use the templates that they create.

Motion graphics templates that you have created are not just there to be used for personal use. You can commercialize those templates as well by selling them on websites such as Videohive, one of the most popular and oldest sites to do so.


What are Motion Graphics Templates?

Motion graphics allow designers to create and edit short videos that is then used by an edit to fit wherever they would like. As mentioned above, the motion graphics templates created in After Effects can also be sold in other markets.

Motion graphics templates can also be used by a motion graphics company to create videos, especially if they have a team that can collaborate on this process. Otherwise, freelance video artists and editors either create these motion graphics templates to sell on markets, or buy from markets to use in videos.

Motion graphics templates, once sold on markets, can be used in a similar vein as stock footage. What is different about motion graphics templates made in Adobe After Effects is that they have a certain style or edit that makes them more stylized to fit specific use cases.


Using Motion Graphics Templates – Setting the Workflow

First off, creating a best motion graphics templates and using it is not something that only one person does. The workflow typically involves a designer or designers, artists, and motion graphics experts that made the designs. Then it is all put together by the editor or editors, according to the scripts.

That means going back and forth between Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects and trying to ensure that they all work can be a hassle. A collaborative environment might make a better product, but that does not mean it gets any easier.

The workflow and setting it is important. When the After Effects motion graphics template is sent to the editor, each motion graphics template has to be exported in After Effects to be imported to Adobe Premiere Pro one by one. However, there are ways to get around it, too. At the start, it was creating a dynamic link, but with the differences in types of motion graphics templates, Adobe has introduced the Essential Graphics Panel.


What is the Essential Graphics Panel?

When working on motion graphics templates, the management in exporting and importing can be a pain to deal with. However, the Essential Graphics Panel is –true to its name—essential in streamlining the process. Not only does it make things more efficient, but also makes it easier to work on video projects that require collaboration.

In the Essential Graphics Panel, the most exciting feature that makes it best for motion graphics artists and editors is that it allows linking of Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects. This allows video editors to use Adobe Premier Pro, and use all the functionalities of Adobe After Effects within that program without ever having to deal with the hassle of shifting between both programs. They don’t even have to be proficient in After Effects, and just have to be able to use the Essential Graphics Panel to edit and customize the motion graphics templates that are created.


Using the Essential Graphics Panel

That being said, the actual process that necessitates the creation and preparation of motion graphics templates is by no means as simple or easy as what is being presented. The Essential Graphics Panel has made it easier by a huge margin, but it still requires work.

There are two things to consider in using the Essential Graphics Panel. There are first the Premier Pro-based motion graphics templates, and then there are Adobe After Effects-based motion graphics templates.


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Adobe Premiere-Based Motion Graphics Templates

It goes without saying that the motion graphics templates created in Adobe Premier Pro are Premiere-Based Motion Graphics Templates. To some, it might seem a bit strange that motion graphics templates are being created in Premier Pro, especially if you have experience in creating motion graphics. Still, the program allows for simpler editing in Premier Pro for editors who might not want to work with the complicated expression engineering that After Effects has in its feature library.

The added simplicity in this program also means that specific graphics can be pre-rendered and saved to be used in other templates or throughout the video. Through creating layers, an editor can easily use multiple graphics that were created and simply put them in the video where they want, testing them out as they see fit.

One of the main advantages of using the Premier Pro-based motion graphics templates is that it allows the motion graphic to have text that can be edited by anyone. This is especially useful when one needs to quickly pivot directions in a motion graphic video. Additional features and pros include the ease in the creation of new motion graphics templates, the ability to have a master style to best used for sub-templates, and more.

However, as one can presume from this, all these editable features and the ability to create a master means that the editors can sometimes change the motion graphics templates a little too much. Designers spend time and do considerable research when creating a motion graphic, and if the editing panel is given too much control through expression editing, plugins, and pre-compositions, they can change or distort the designer’s vision.


Adobe After Effects Essential Graphics Templates

While Premier Pro is the simpler cousin of creating motion graphics templates in the Adobe Creative Suite, the After Effects program knocks it out of the park in terms of the in-depth editing and features it offers. That means the latter program is still one of the most useful one you can have and is essential in creating specific motion graphics templates. However, the former offers a simplified version of it that is more editor friendly, thought it still has plenty of editing options that are mainly text-based.

The motion graphics templates in Adobe After Effects are editable like any other, but the level of control one has over the template itself can be both overwhelming and helpful, especially if their step process was done correctly. Even here, the Essential Graphics Panel is immensely helpful. The dynamic motion graphics templates can allow users to edit just about everything, from a color to the 3D elements in it.

A key advantage of using After Effects is the level of control is unparalleled in comparison to Premier Pro. However, this also means that the designers need to be in full command of this program as it requires an advanced level of knowledge in using the program for most. Moreover, these files are also more complex and larger, meaning that if one wants to load an After Effects file into Premier, it can take a significant amount of time in comparison to the opposite.


How Can I Create a Motion Graphics Template?

Creating a motion graphics template requires that you first create a project in After Effects and either start with or load a previous template to create your own edited version. After that, you have the freedom to proceed however you wish. This openness can create difficulty, which is why this program is more recommended for intermediate and advanced users. As a motion graphics company, we can help you in creating your own motion graphics template that can be used in your projects or to be put in marketplaces to be sold.



Motion graphics templates are used by a motion graphics company to create videos that essentially used edited and stylized stock footage to create videos. However, it is not as simple as creating them and using them in the same program. This blog helps in getting around the basics of what needs to be done to get started with using After Effects and motion graphics templates.

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Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
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