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In the last few decades, professionals from the marketing and technology domain witnessed a complete revolution in the world of digital marketing as well as tech. A great number of technologies, strategies emerged that helped businesses to grow exponentially as well as double their revenues.


Digital marketing is not a piece of the pie for a number of reasons. At times, it gets a little challenging & difficult due to the constantly changing algorithms, which makes it hard to stick to one. It is quite tough to maintain digital visibility and hold the first spot in midst of all the competitions in the fast-paced digital marketing world.


If you belong to any business whether small or large, any organization or some agency trying hard to enhance digital visibly and improve traffic as well as lead subsequently, then keep reading because we have something exciting for you.


As we mentioned above, every day we hear something new when it comes to marketing strategies, so in this article, we are going to introduce you to HARO link building strategy and SEO.

Before, we make a plunge solidly into the “how to utilize these strategies” it is important to foster an essential comprehension of what these two are.


HARO Link Building Strategy


HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a sturdy database of sources for upcoming testimonies and daily opportunities that is provided to reporters for free of all costs.

The objective of HARO link building strategy is to serve as a casualty to SEO strategies and attract links from high authority publications, which enhance the overall performance of SEO optimized content.


This results in improved digital presence of your brand and business. By using this particular technique, one can build their brand’s image in the most ultra-modern and result driven way.

HARO link building strategy can help you achieve goals you have always wished for your website with any further delays.

Link building with HARO actually provides a platform to everyone who is struggling to drive organic traffic and catch the eye of the right audiences, including grabbing some more citations.


How HARO Is The Right Platform For Link Building?

Haro link

There are a number of A-List publication sites such as Insider, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal and many others, where everyday people request expert insights using HARO. These requests are sent to the reporters via email or also called as the initial pitch.

You need to be on top of the game in order to attain a link from a highly authoritative website, therefore ensuring that the pitch needs to be very strong, persuasive, and thoughtful. To master the “how to pitch to report effectively” make sure to follow these guidelines,


– Swift Responses


Be quick! It is the key to land in front of the top journalists. Responding quickly to a HARO query is far essential. If you get a response from the journalist, and you leave it for a day or two to get back, then the opportunity is gone forever. Because it’s likely that more than 50 people would have already answered that query, except you. So first thing first, which is to grab the opportunity, you need to be as quick as you can!


– Look For Appropriate And Relevant Topics 


Find the right ground to play. It is highly important that you respond to as many queries as you can, but the ones relevant to your business and brand.


– Be Clear, Concise & Captivating


When a journalist seeks some insights, try to be concise, clear, and crisp. Avoid sharing irrelevant information or what has not been asked.


– Share Right And Actionable Insights


Most people knock this ball off their court and go bad. When a journalist reaches out for something they are definitely not looking for generic vague insights. Try providing them insights they want and back that up with some great actionable points.


Avoid Friction & Filler Words


Filler words, too wordy responses and friction words can cause an unpleasant situation such as a loss of a great opportunity to win great backlinks. Be concise and try to be as persuasive as you can.


How To Use HARO Link Building For SEO


At first getting your hands on HARO will be a little complicated, but once you get used to it there’s no going back. It doesn’t matter if you’re running an SEO marketing agency or a retail store, HARO link building strategy is a full proof method to enhance digital visibility, brand awareness, improved referral traffic, valuable backlinks, and much more.

Follow these steps to start your link building journey with HARO.

  1. Sign up as a source on HARO.
  2. Choose the categories you feel most assured about contributing to. Some categories include:
    1. High Tech
    2. Business and Finance
    3. Energy and Tech
    4. Travel
    5. Healthcare
    6. Lifestyle and Fitness
    7. Education
    8. Entertainment and Media
  3. Keep an eye on your inbox for email queries (dispatched 3 times according to day) from newshounds and bloggers.
  4. Reply to the requests that you are feeling your brand is a professional in. At First Page, we wouldn’t waste our time responding to queries about life-style, for instance, because there are probably plenty of other folks who use HARO which are life-style experts.
  5. Wait a few weeks. You just may get your brand’s call and a link on a surprisingly trafficked web page.

Once you are done following the steps mentioned above, now it’s time to take a lay back and let HARO link building strategy work and do its magic!


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Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO)


SEO is one of the strongest tools used to increase the digital visibility of the desired product or website. Use of the right keywords in the right amount can help any site to get ranked on the top when it comes to different search engines such as Google, Bing and more. HARO link building and SEO go hand in hand.

When we shed light on SEO, we can’t refrain from emphasizing on learning about pain points of your target audiences in terms of what they wish to read, how they scan and comprehend some piece of information and what they like. Developing a basic understanding of the reader’s psyche is very important.

HARO is a hub which allows reports, journalists to collaborate with people through content. In this way, users connect with professional and top names from high authority sites, and journals such as  Insider, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal and many others. It not just provides a pathway of limitless information, but it also gives an opportunity to obtain great quality backlinks as well as organic traffic.

Natural backlink building results in driving traffic to the sites which go unheard, a source of safe and trustworthy and pocket friendly link building medium. Link building with HARO at times saves a lot of time, one might be doing while searching for keywords. All you need to do is browse on HARO, look for topics relevant to your area of interest and expertise & then try answering as many queries as you can.


How to use SEO


SEO is one of the most preferred ways of improving digital presence because it is organic, and it holds the value for longer than any paid ones. All you need to do is to do some optimal amount of research using tools like AHREFS or competitor analysis. Once you have an idea, what is trending and what the reader or target audience needs to know.

Then, once you have a reader’s persona in hand, draft a well written piece of writing be it social media copy, web content, blogs or any optimized content. Once you have a striking piece of writing, integrate your focused keywords; keywords people looking for. Add the keywords and publish your article, and let those keywords drive traffic to your site in the most perfect and efficient way possible!

Do not assume that the moment your article of any SEO optimized artifact is published it is going to be on top of all the search engines because it takes time to get all those keywords to get ranked and generate organic traffic as well as those strategies to yield your desired results.

If you are still having a bit of difficulty about how the SEO algorithms work, the SEO services in Florida are always there to help you. Therefore, feel free to reach out.




Link building is considered as one of the most tricky tasks when it comes to digital marketing, but once you apply the right link building strategy that works for your brand, it is going to be advantageous beyond conventions.

HARO is one of the full service ways to generate high quality backlinks and press citations.

These strategies take their time to produce your desired results, therefore one needs to be really patient. But the results after link building with HARO and SEO are worth waiting for because it can bring organic traffic, mentions in the top publications and ultimately more leads and conversations.

Start link building with HARO today and refine your SEO strategies as well to make some space for building links and bridging new visitors to your website.

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
GET IN TOUCHAvantage Social links
Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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