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In terms of some of the most promising careers that we can select going into the job market, web development seems to be one that promises significant technical expertise, growth, and use in the future. The Internet of Things and online commercial applications of just about every physical business had made it more and more necessary for web development to be continually used, expanded, and required across businesses.

Web developers and designers, as a result, are always an in-demand resource as a result. For one, a web developer will have to go through projects that are relatively complex and require plenty of skill and know-how to develop. That means it is a respectable, high-salary job that promises plenty of career growth as well as professional respect.

But that also begs the question; how long does it take to learn web development?


Learning About the Web – How Long Does it Take?

Here, we will tell you all you need to know about how long does it take to learn web development, and what exactly you need to learn to get to a point when you can do something on your own. Regardless of what your goal is in terms of becoming a developer, whether you aim for the full-stack, front-end or back-end only.

Of course, when you start out with web development, it is not easy; as it rarely ever is. But a good way to start off is to understand what exactly web development entails.


What Do Web Developers Do?

Before you focus on how long does it take to learn web development, you need to understand what a web developer does. A web developer’s job is to build, design, and maintain anything and everything about a website. Web developers create web applications for a client, or perhaps even for themselves, if they have the necessary full-stack skillset.

Web developers need to have the know-how and the toolset to be able to create website from scratch and without any particular templates, such as the website templates that WordPress and similar websites provide. They need to have an understanding of the User Experience (UX) and the design elements that need to be considered for it, as well as perform maintenance and create prototypes.

A web developer has a long-lasting career, fulfilling both in terms of peer respect and with the monetary value it provides. It is even a skill that helps in creating websites to help you earn income yourself.


How Long Does it Take to Learn Web Development?

For someone with little to no knowledge of web development, it will take around six months to learn all the ins and outs of the craft. That, however, is only possible if you do so by spending several hours studying on the topic every single day.

For some with more insight or a mind that easily grasps all those concepts, a few months might be enough. For others, it may take over a year, depending on what, how, and where they study.


Where Can You Learn About Web Development?

In the age of the internet, there is no lack of information that allows you to learn about web development. Now you don’t need to ask how long does it take to learn web development, and instead just focus on learning. There are online and in-person methods of helping you teach all you need to know.


Learn in College or at University

Most people can learn web development in college or at universities, and is a fair common—and effective—method of learning the craft. However, it does not, and should not, take four years to learn how to create websites.

However, the value of general knowledge and a degree is invaluable in finding employment for just about everyone starting out.


Learn Through Online Courses

There is no lack of online resources to help us learn about web development now, with more and more free resources now than ever. Of course, there are paid alternatives, but with the wealth of free information available, we are spoilt for choice in terms of variety for learning.


How to Learn Website Development

Successful web development demands that you understand what a website entails, and everything required for the creation of different kinds of websites. What is an informative or e-commerce website, and how is it different from an e-commerce one?

First, to streamline things for how long does it take to learn web development, you need to understand the terminologies. Learn about the front-end, back-end, static pages, dynamic pages, parallax websites, etc. Understand how you can optimize the website for other users and even developers and designers. Understand the basics of SEO, and how web design and development can be used to complement it.


Learn the Basic Programming Languages

As a web developer, you need to learn CSS, HTML, and even JavaScript at the basic level at least.

Learning HTML lets your structure the website, and it is a necessary prerequisite to almost any website. CSS lets you determine its look for the front end, and these to combine to be the basic layouts for all websites and web applications.

Now that you have laid the structure, you need to understand the website functionalities and what you need to make them happen. That is where JavaScript comes in. JavaScript is learned by many, but there are others that can be learned as well, such as Python, Ruby, and C++.

Python is for ease of use, both in coding and the end product. Ruby is made specifically for web development, and C++ is a versatile language best learnt after you after plenty of experience in other languages due to its steep learning curve and high skill ceiling. However, C++ is also a language with many uses, so learning C++ get you in the door for other tech sectors as well.


Why You Should Learn Web Development As Well

A web development career has plenty of benefits on offer, and there are also plenty of reasons why it should be a skill that more and more people pick up.


Learning Web Development Puts You into a High-Demand Job

Now that you have the answer to how long does it take to learn web development, the question becomes why you should learn it in the first place. Careers and jobs in the IT industry are in high demand, and web development is one of the most promising careers in a sector with promising careers. Due to the high-demand, web developers can ask for a high wage as well, whether they are working solo as freelancers, or with a large corporation. Web development today is needed more than ever before, simply because knowing how to create a website opens you up to a world of opportunities not otherwise available.

The tech industry is a growth-focused industry, with rapid growth being almost a staple of that sector. Just about any business that is launched requires an online web presence as almost a necessity.

Moreover, startups need a web developer as well, and even established companies need to consistently update and optimize their existing websites to be able to keep up with the rapid growth and change in the industry.


Web Development Works for the ‘Work From Home’ Future

When it comes to web development, the job is almost entirely performed on a desktop computer, where you can type in the code and design the website from an office, the comfort of your home, or any location anywhere with a computer and an internet connection.

Essentially, web development is the ideal job for working remotely, allowing you to work on your own time, rake in an impressive wage, and even have time to take vacations with ease.

It is also the ideal job that works with a Work for Home future, where more and more people are realizing that remote work is simply much better than having to deal with the hassle of constantly working from an office where dress etiquette, time, gas for travel, and similar factors incur an unnecessary cost.


Learning Web Development Allows You to Be Prepared for Passive Income

Once you learn how to perform web development, and the answer for how long does it take to learn web development is given, and are a full-stack developer, you can essentially create and design your own websites from scratch. That is not that you will do so for a client, but that you will do so for yourself. A website can be used to create your own content, made e-commerce to sell items, or even made to make you some passive income.

Learning web design and development has plenty of benefits, as this section has alluded to, and once you learn how to build all these from scratch, you can essentially focus on offering your services for websites that seem to lack it anywhere else.


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Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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